Hebrew Department

Our Hebrew department boasts a stimulating and innovative Hebrew curriculum that not only exposes our students to the different areas of Judaic studies and Hebrew language learning, but also enriches them with a love for Torah and a Jewish way of life. Our warm and caring principal and staff, along with life-altering experiences such as field trips and shabbatons, allows student learning and growth to extend a great deal beyond the classroom.

English Department

Progress is not a term we take lightly, and our English department is committed to progress and achievement. From the core curriculum to the extra-curricular, during school hours or after, in school and beyond, we are constantly raising the bar. Our soaring expectations from our students and teachers are reflected in their tremendous achievements.


Early education at Ahi Ezer never ceases to fascinate - the kids, that is. Our modern, fully equipped classrooms and highly experienced staff is constantly unveiling new concepts, ideas and activities allowing the children to develop the manipulative, musical and social skills as well as the basic skills necessary for academic success in the coming years. And, we never forget to incorporate the warm, fun environment that is so innate to Ahi Ezer !

Early Childhood Program

Since our school has begun, Ahi Ezer Yeshiva has been providing an outstanding early childhood program. Our goal is to instill and develop in our youth the proper educational needs in order for them to succeed in their later years. Come walk in to our preschool classrooms, it is impossible not to feel the love and warmth in the atmosphere. Ahi Ezer's preschool staff has acquired an intimate understanding of the multifaceted early fundamental needs of young children, and has developed a high level of expertise in the education of young minds. Every child is treated with individual care and concern; we make sure that no child, what so ever is ever left out of any activity.
Some of our unbelievable teachers are, Bimi Klein, Jenny Kohn, Bekka Chalouh, Rina Agayeva, and Germaine Morally. Our Yeshiva provides modern, fully equipped classrooms to nurture, stimulate and encourage skill development. The children develop skills in all areas. Our teachers do all sorts of activities that stimulate the minds of the children. From musical and social skills, thorough block building arts and crafts, computers, music, and many other educational activities that fills the day with learning. Our staff uses these activities to teach different concepts and rally bring the learning to life. The best proof of our successful program in the joyful expressions on the children's faces as they experience the warmth and the care in the fun-filled educational environment of our preschool.

Our School At It's Best

Take a walk through our school, it is impossible not to feel that sincere warmth and connection. There are many unbelievable individuals who work so diligently behind the scenes making sure Ahi Ezer is always at its peak of success. This credit goes to our outstanding Principals and staff who work countless hours organizing and preparing our school to have the best learning and atmosphere possible. First and foremost, we must show our utmost appreciation to our teachers. Taking on any challenge, our teachers run their classes with a passion and enthusiasm that cannot be matched From nursery to eighth grade, every teacher toils her hardest to make sure that her students are learning properly and always happy. Walking down the halls one cannot help but smile at the eagerness expressed by both teachers and students alike. Just one look in to our class rooms show the attentive students actively participating, soaking in as much learning as possible before each day is over.
Additionally, our school cannot function without our administration committee. Not only do they run the business office, but they work endless hours making sure the school is running properly. Credit must be given where credit is due, our administrator, Mr. Jesse Mizrahi, gives all his time, energy and completely devotes himself to our school. Our wonderful secretaries of our business office work devote their all to this school. Ahi Ezer has become a model school, dedicated to ensure that all students succeed.

Love For Chessed

In Ahi Ezer Yeshiva we instill in our girls the love for Chessed. Our wonderful teachers don't just teach our students about this Midah, they make it into a reality and show them why it's so special to help others in need. Many of our older grades have a G'mach program, where they need to perform a certain amount of Chessed hours each term. Our administration organized a contest by giving out Tzdakah boxes and whoever collects the most money receives an amazing prize. We are proud to announce that hundreds of dollars was raised from our girls. Our girls also received Tzdakah boxes from Matan Basseter helping them raise money for those people in need. Our 7th graders took a trip to Bikur Cholim, where they helped out for a few hours. Additionally, the entire fifth grade class dressed up in costumes and face paint and visited the Ahi Ezer Senior Center. The girls sang and danced cheering up and making the elderly very happy. The girls in our school understand the importance of helping people and being there for others and they enjoy every minute of it. In Ahi Ezer, Chessed isn't just preached, it's put into action.