Reference and history are only the beginning of what the Ahi Ezer library has to offer. Regular visits to the library exposes students to everything form fiction and adventure to sci-fi and mystery, captivating minds and fostering strong thinkers.


The world has come a long way since email and text messaging. One who fails to keep up with the technology of our times can't hope to keep up with his evolving world. At Ahi Ezer, we are moving forward with the technological revolution and our students are right there with us! Our computer lab is equipped with all the technologies needed to give our children the benefits of the World Wide Web and beyond!


What better way is there to encourage thought and expression than with some paint and an open mind? Of course, some guidance and inspiration
always helps !


With the aid of our wonderful Morah Chani and hundreds of inspiring songs for every occasion, Ahi Ezer's music program is constantly inspiring the admirable neshamot of our girls!

After-school program

Our Homework Clubbers know that there is so much more to school than the knowledge acquired from their textbooks. Working together on special projects and assignments, our girls learn the importance of collaboration, teamwork and friendship.


Strong minds thrive in G.O. where ideas come alive through great leadership and teamwork. Our girls learn that nothing is ever impossible if you only apply yourself with some discipline and dedication.