We are happy to announce exciting news, Mr. Jesse Mizrahi, our hard working administrator, along with our esteem board members, Mr. Bunny Escava, Mr. Eli Levy, Mr. Aslan Bawabeh, and Mr. Albert Ayal arranged to have video conferencing in close to all the classrooms of Ahi Ezer Yeshiva.  This state of the art technology was given to very few yeshivas and we are in this elite group. Our students will be able to watch, speak with, and learn from this video conferencing. Additionally, we have whiteboards in almost every classroom and a new computer room that consists of 30 new desktops. We also have a room with many brand new laptops. When a student needs help with homework, upon request she may take a laptop home. 
As we come closer to the holiday of Purim, our preschool is very busy learning, baking, and crafting for this exciting holiday. First off, our nursery class took a thrilling trip to the Jewish Children’s Museum where they were able to interact and learn new things about our heritage. Our Kindergarten class is learning about the amazing story of Purim and understanding the connection to why we dress up.
Our sixth graders hosted by their amazing teachers had a wonderful Shabbaton. Every few girls were stationed by different Syrian homes, where they experienced a Shabbat like no other. Friday night they heard a guest speaker, Miss Chanie Hadas, who spoke to them about how special Shabbat is and how important it is to greet the Shabbat queen. Shabbat day the entire grade got together in Ave O Synagogue where they had a marvelous Shabbat meal.  Saturday night was packed with fun and entertainment as well! This Shabbaton was a weekend they will never forget!
Our 7th grade made a beautiful T’zinut fashion show. They all looked amazing in their own way. They learnt that you can still look amazing even while being T’zinut. It was very exciting and a lot of fun!